About GenCC

Repurpose Jeffery School, Revitalize Our Community 

To build community through art, education, recreation,celebration, and social support for all ages in Etna, Millvale, Reserve, and Shaler.

Etna, Millvale, Reserve, and Shaler
gathering to grow together

The former Jeffrey School property at 201 Wetzel Road is the ideal location for this center. We invite the residents of Shaler, Reserve, Millvale and Etna to express their support for this project.

Who we are. We are a team of residents from and friends of the four municipalities who see the need for this center and are working to make our vision for our community a reality.

What you can do.
Contact Us with your questions, suggestions or support
Take our survey about possibilities for the center
Share with your friends and local decision makers in your circle about the need for this community resource.