Update October 2019

Want to thank everyone for their comments. The school district and GenCC worked hard to come to an agreement that worked for both sides, but were unable to do so. We are continuing as an organization to look for alternatives for a viable community center.

The Board of Generations Community Center has been hard at work developing a plan to bring a new and vibrant community resource for the residents of Etna, Millvale, Reserve, and Shaler. In this effort, Generations Community Center submitted two offers to the Shaler Area School District Board. Both offers were declined by the School District.

It had been the hope of GenCC’s Board, considering;

a) the amount of renovation the building and grounds would require, 
b) the community-service and educational mission of the Center, and 
c) that the building and grounds were originally paid for by taxpayer money,

that the Jeffery property could have been acquired for a smaller sum. However, the School Board’s counteroffer to our bid included a higher payment and removal of the lower ball field and a parking area from the purchase, elements deemed vital to the success of the Community Center. This would have left GenCC with an untenable debt to overcome just as it attempted to begin operations, and a decrease in vital surrounding property. Even had this sum been more manageable, the School Board’s reluctance to enter into a land use agreement (a real-estate alternative to a mortgage that allows a sale price to be paid over time) precluded us from forming an agreement that left enough operating capital to fully develop a viable community center.

The Generations Community Center is saddened that we are unable to come to an agreement that both meets the School Board’s requirements and that would allow us a manageable debt to capital ratio.

We know that you share our belief that there is both desire for and need of a community center such as was developed and proposed by the GenCC Board. Because of this, we will continue to explore other options in order to make Generations Community Center a reality for our communities.

The GenCC Board thanks you for your patience in this endeavor and is open to any location suggestions or comments you may have. Please feel free to visit us at GenCC.org and provide your comments to info@gencc.org. We will be sure to keep you updated with any new developments.